AUTUMN Water Announces Mykel Coleman as Owner and Board Advisor

AUTUMN Water Announces Mykel Coleman as Owner and Board Advisor

Moguling • August 13, 2020

The Game Changer to Elevate Premium Water that puts your body into perfect balance with alkaline


Meet the owner of AUTUMN, the pH balanced water boosted with alkaline. Mykel Coleman is changing the game of water with innovative creations, and his mission to inspire transcends the world of business. He embodies the spirit of AUTUMN, helping people to change by taking key steps daily just like the season of Autumn when the season change so must you change your body, by letting go of toxins. Purify your body with AUTUMN to obtain super energy and hydration every day. Coleman is a founder, investor, Board Advisor, and the global face of the brand.


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Life Changing habits is also what AUTUMN is all about. We are going beyond pH balanced water - AUTUMN is boosted with ionization to put your body in perfect balance by feeding your body with purity that places more oxygen in your body to help your body function super efficiently. Stop feeling sluggish and tired and feel super alive with AUTUMN. We are going beyond "recyclable" materials - AUTUMN is bottled in 100% recycled plastic. And we are not just providing lip service to the causes we care about - AUTUMN is actively supporting frontline workers and first responders.


I’m constantly searching for ways to give back to underserved communities to do things with compassion and love the right way, to inspire communities," said Mykel Coleman. "Whether it is mentoring, raising children, speaking life, teaching business strategies, or building businesses, I always want to challenge the status quo and become a better version of myself. AUTUMN offers the best in premium products and the best option in sustainability for a better way to take care of your body and our planet. I couldn’t be more excited to be the voice and the face of our team as the founder, owner and advisor to continue to be the visionary of where we are going in this next stage of hyper-growth."


Mykel Coleman, Founder and CEO of AUTUMN, shared, "he takes health and fitness very seriously and that's is how he lives his life being health conscious, with values and is totally committed to bettering peoples healthy behaviors in the world around him. We are so excited to inspire people about the super great benefits of AUTUMN. We greatly value our brand that focuses on people being better in every way possible starting with their health and we’re going to rise together – creating a brand that’s better in every way."




AUTUMN is pH balanced water with electrolytes that put the body in perfect balance by adding oxygen into your blood stream - all to help your body recover, function more efficiently and shed toxins so you are revived and energized longer throughout the day. And unlike most bottled waters that are "recyclable," AUTUMN is made from 100% recycled plastic - super healthy for your body to purify your body with alkaline and to take care of our planet. For more information, please visit or follow along on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn Autumn Water

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